Well hello there.

We're a little dispensing opticians specialising in vintage, antique or just generally interesting glasses. Our glasses may have been made in the 19th century or just a few weeks ago, but they are always well made, and pleasing to look at. We also sell books and artwork if you don't fancy glasses.

The shop is a cozy and relaxed kind of space, so you can have a bit of a sit and a cup of tea or a read while you're here. We also welcome events, because it's good for us to have people know that we're here, so if you want to use the space as a venue, just have a chat with one of us and we'll see if we can make it work.

Being rather quirky sort of chaps, we're quite happy to arrange a bit of barter if you find yourself rich in things but poor in money. We'll consider any swap, provided you have something we want.

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